My lecture about Recommender Systems at IX Pernambuco Python User Group Meeting and my contributions.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hi all,

It has been while since my last post, but my master thesis is taking a lot of time available. Soon I will come back with posts and content related to what I am working now.

But the main reason of this post is to publish my lectures that were recorded at the IX Pernambuco Python User Group Meeting (PUG-PE) last month in November.  I had the opportunity to talk more about what I am studying, which is related to the topics of recommender systems and a lighting talk about lighting talks!

But since this blog concerns about artificial intelligence,  I will focus on the recommender systems. In this lecture I've introduced the main concepts behind recommender systems, how it works, the advantages and drawbacks of each classing filtering algorithm.  Both examples presented were used in my lecture at PythonBrasil (a main meeting that joins all Python Users of Brazil).  The result of this project will be explained in the future in two posts. But let me explain my main contributions in this field.

One is my work currently at the startup Orygens, where I am developing a novel recommender system applied on social networks. The idea is to recommend users and content to the users of a brazilian social network called AtePassar.

Main Profile of AtePassar

The other contribution is the development of a framework written purely in Python called Crab.  It was originally idealized by me to be a simple easy-to-use recommendation engine framework in order to  be applied on any domains. Besides it will be used to test new approaches, since it will be easy to plug-in new recommender algorithms and test them with the evaluation tools available.  This project is open-source is completely available at my account on

The main page of the Crab Project

Today we have four collaborators and we are planning to keep going forward with some demos and a distributed computing framework totally integrated with Crab.  More information I will provide soon here at my blog with some demonstrations.

My video about Recommender Systems.  The video is in portuguese.

Wait for news!  Please any further information, contact me!

Marcel Caraciolo


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