Data mining through education

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hi all,

It has been a while since my last post. I had to be offline for some months to work harder in bigger project in the educational field.  I love teaching and specially share content including machine learning and data mining topics. But I decided to go further and I co-founded with my partner Gileno Filho a educational platform to teach Python around Brazil called

It is a e-learning platform with one main goal: spread the programming language Python around Brazil by teaching the platform and its applications such as the course about regular expressions, scientific computing with Python and now web development with  Django Python. A lot of work and a lot of learning as well. The result in 4 months was amazing! More than 100 students already studied with us, with projection until July with more than 500! I know it isn't an incredible number but without any efforts on marketing only on the word-of-mouth we accomplished these results.

But more news will come specially in machine learning! It's not news that I've been working for about three years in educational field, where I managed as scientist chief in the brazilian social network

With all this background I will start to post more about data mining applied on educational such as  how can you rank the courses or how can machine learning can assess the student mastery.

So join me in this journey, and see how all this data can be used through the tailoring of student's experience.


Marcel Caraciolo