Ruby in the world of Recommendations (also machine learning, statistics and visualizations)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello everyone!

I am back with lots of news and articles! I've been quite busy but I returned. In this post I'd like to share my last presentation that I gave at Frevo On'Rails Pernambuco Ruby Meeting at Recife, PE. My  Ruby developer colleagues around Recife invited me to give a lecture there.  I was quite excited about the invitation and instanlty I accepted.

I decided to research more about scientific computing with Ruby and recommender libraries written focused on Ruby either.  Unfortunately the escossistem for scientific environment in Ruby is still at very beginning.  I found several libraries but most of them were abandoned by their developers or commiters.  But I didn't give up and decided to refine my searches. I found a espectular and promising work on scientific computing with ruby called SciRuby. The goal is to por several matrix and vector representations with Ruby using C and C++ at backend. It remembered me a lot the beginnings of the library Numpy and Scipy :)

About the recommenders, I didn't find any deep work as Mahout, but I found a library called Recommendable that uses memory-based collaborative filtering.  I really liked the design of the library and the workaround of the developer on making the linear algebra operations with Redis instead of Ruby :D

All those considerations and more insights I put on my slides, feel free to share :)

I hope you enjoyed, and even I love Python, I really like programming another languages :)