Knowledge Navigator: A proof concept of an intelligent tablet from Apple in 1987!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I was reading some blogs today, when i came into this post at Gizmodo, about the the proof concept of this tablet invented by Apple in 1987! Amazing, how they at that time was thinking about multi-touch features, speech-text, artificial intelligence, tablets, video and voice talk by over-the-air communication, etc. Even this is only a simulated demonstration of the tablet, the Knowledge Navigator of Apple, it would be make people atonished if it launched these days.

But it's really cool, the artificial intelligence shown in this device, like some kind of Star Trek tech, you can see the demonstration at this video provided by Apple in 1987:

Let's see if this kind of device will be presented in a reality soon... Is there already technology to have this kind of interaction between human and machine ?

Source: Gizmodo


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