Mobile Recommender Systems

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi Folks,

I am Marcel Pinheiro Caraciolo , the main author of this blog!

One of my goals at my master degree thesis is to study and apply artificial intelligence and data mining algorithms into mobile computing, solving problems or turning possible those machine learning algorithms run into small and limited processing devices like cell phones. I've already talked about this topic here.

I'm studying now about recommendation system engines and my plan is to develop a system based on machine learning techniques , data mining to offer specific products and services for mobile users that buys using the mobile phone. Based on mobile technology, the system will be possible to estimate by mobile payment the profile of a specific client and recommend products and services into the mobile device screen, with some profile analysis of the user behavior and consuming of products acquired using the mobile phone. We can resume the system features into 3 key points:

(a) Estimate the profile of clients and sellers to make recommendations of services and products.
(b) The automatic discovery of knowledge with induction of rules that explain the operational behavior on cellphones.

(c) The investigation of profiles on any characteristics in the mobile transactions (region, age, gender, consume, salary, habits, etc.)

During those months we will study a lot about data mining algorithms, mobile computing and recommender systems. Stay tuned!

Marcel Pinheiro Caraciolo


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